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Quirky since 2002

The Kaboodle Designs journey started in 2002 as a side hustle whilst daydreaming during the early deary days working as a corporate drone in the greater corporate hive.

Kaboodle was born out of the realisation that the corporate world just wasn't my cup of tea. Whilst not professionally trained in the creative arts, the passion for craft and design flowed in my veins.

Following the well-trodden artisan path, we started off with a small market stall at Glebe and Bondi Markets selling handmade beaded jewellery and embellished pocket watch necklaces directly to eager customers such as yourselves!

Today, we have a vastly expanded product range that still keeps true to the quirky Kaboodle style that we all love. You can find us online or at our assorted pop-up shops around the place.





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